Barison Industry operates on the entire national and international territory thanks to its progressive development, constant growth and extensive experience gained through the years.

We opened in 1965 as sole-proprietorship “Barison Angelo” – from the founder’s name. Our initial home sector is mechanical framework and production of containers in stainless steel for the food and chemical industry.

In the ‘80s we specialised in the design and production of alcohol distillation systems by acquiring the historic company from Trento “Officine Lusetti”. The subsequent incorporation of the latter by Metalinox, today Barison Industry, allowed us to become a real industrial firm that could also open up to sectors like renewable energy. In this sphere, we develop highly innovative solutions, looking after all phases ranging from design to production, up to disposal of residual material.

Our mission consists in standing out not only for the quality of products, but also for the attentive and customised technical and design assistance. Moreover, we pay considerable attention in offering a high-quality customer service.