Between manufacturers of distillation systems, Barison Industry stands as primary firm in Italy and worldwide in terms of quality and competitiveness.  We were initially producing mainly systems for grappa, intended for the Italian local market, however the company expanded throughout the years worldwide and now it supplies systems for the production of any type of alcoholic beverage, including, but not limited to gin, whisky, vodka, brandy, rum, and grappa.

Barison Industry operates by paying particular attention to customised design, production and installation; by prioritizing the customer’s needs.  Through its extensive experience, it is able to personalize systems according to the customers’ needs and requirements, thus ensuring high quality levels.

To guarantee quality, Barison Industry works in collaboration with an institute that analyses the products coming from its plants, this has allowed perfecting the work throughout the years.

Continuous and discontinuous systems are manufactured; they can be equipped with loading, unloading, heating and cooling components.

Furthermore, Barison Industry supplies systems for the automatic management of the distillation process, featuring dedicated software to control the alcoholic strength, temperatures and operating pressures.

The automatic management systems can be of complex nature, up to full automation, that allows to perfectly control the alcoholic strength during the entire process in order to produce a high quality product and control remotely the functions of every system (through internet).

All products are turn-key supplied, with transport and installation at the customer's premises; all services are provided directly by our company.