Food & Beverage

Barison Industry builds equipment and machinery entirely made in stainless steel, in compliance with EC standards. The company is currently able to offer complete solutions for various customers: handicraft and canning laboratories, fruit and vegetable processing firms, diaries, vinegar and oil production plants and farm holiday facilities.

Barison Industry offers tailor-made solutions to satisfy small and medium enterprises, ensuring the respect and preservation of the original organoleptic characteristics of raw materials.

Various solutions were offered to the firms that contacted Barison Industry: vacuum concentrators for fruit and vegetables, macerators, liquorice extraction systems, vinegar generator, cooling units, milk and oil conservation and storage tanks.

Barison Industry looks after design phases with utmost care: by defining with the customer the design main goals in line with the sizes and characteristics of the available premises and actual production needs; by carefully and precisely following construction, connection, testing and the first production phases.  

Barison Industry's main goal consists in offering a high-quality turn-key service that is not limited to supply, but it also pays particular attention to technical assistance and targeted consulting during all production phases.